Residential Leak Detection

Signs of a water leak include watermarks on the walls, warping of wood floors, the distinctive smell of dampness, central heating losing pressure, and unexpectedly high water bill.

You can also try noting the water meter reading and then go without using water for an hour.

Then check the meter reading again to see if it has changed, it will become clear if you have water leaking somewhere.

But it can take a while to find the exact location of a leak if you do not have the right equipment to assist you.


Our service is recommended by the proficient plumbers and trusted by the experts for locating leakages accurately.

We have led the industry of accurate leak detection with the aid of non-invasive techniques.

Our diverse ranges of services are supported with years of experience.

And last but not least, our locating techniques are non-invasive, we do not break into your floors and walls in attempt to find your water leak.